Coaching is a process that moves you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

It enables you to achieve your goals and ambitions in any aspect of your life that you choose. It helps you identify what you really want, to overcome challenges that previously seemed insurmountable, and in doing so, achieve your ambitions, dreams, and desires.
In reaching your goals, coaching works at a deeper level to raise your self awareness. It puts you in touch with your values that motivate you in your life, helps you identify and remove self limiting beliefs that hold you back, and utilise empowering beliefs that drive you forward.
This process of self development increases your self confidence and gives you the understanding of how to achieve your goals more quickly by yourself.  

The role of the coach is to 'help people help themselves'; to realise their full potential. The successful coaching relationship ends with the client happy and confident to move forward in their life without the support of the coach.

 What's the difference between Coaching and……



Counselling tends to deal with specific emotional issues, looking at the client's past and present for the cause, and helping them to come to terms with their feelings to move to a resolution.


Coaching is focused on your future rather than your past. It is about changing; discovering new skills and abilities, and taking action to move forward in your life. It increases your confidence and your capabilities so that you can achieve more of what you want.


A mentor is someone who 'knows the ropes', and has been through what you're going through. They've seen it all and done it all, and can use their experience to advise you and guide you in the right direction. 

Coaching works from the premise that the client has all the answers; the role of the coach is to help the client find those answers within themselves and to motivate them to move forward.



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