Adam Jones


Adam is a personal coach whose indirect style gives his clients the time and space to reflect on where they are; gain clarity on where they want to be, and determine the action needed to get them there. His passion is in helping his clients to exceed what they think is possible by finding new and different ways of seeing their present and their future. His sense of fun and enthusiasm puts people at their ease, as he builds their confidence and trust whilst inspiring them to reach their goals. 

Adam trained with the Coaching Academy, gaining a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and is also a certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  He is a Member of the Association for Coaching.

Prior to setting up his own business, Adam worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 24 years, managing teams of up to 50 people assuring the quality and the safety of critical healthcare products. During this time he often wondered why some people, although undoubtedly talented, never reached the levels of performance he was sure they were capable of, and he  became curious to find different ways to help them. He found the answer to his pondering through coaching, and so Adam Jones Coaching was set up to help people reach their full potential in their work, and their personal life.