Coaching is a naturally organic process, but generally the course of a coaching programme can be described as follows:

Before Coaching

The process starts with the coach meeting with both the coachee (the person to be coached) and the client (often the manager or the sponsor of the coachee).

These initial meetings allow the coach to understand the aims and objectives of the coaching, and the context in which it is taking place. It is also an opportunity to establish that the coach and coachee will be able to work together successfully, and to confirm that coaching is the correct form of learning and development for the coachee at the current time.

Once the scope of the coaching is understood and agreed, the coach will put a proposal forward to achieve the agreed objectives. This will detail the type of coaching, (telephone and/or face to face), frequency, length and number of sessions, and costs.

 During Coaching

During each session, coaching is  performed to the coachee's agenda, aligned with the agreed objectives.  An indirect style of coaching is used to help the coachee make their own preferred choice concerning how they achieve their goals. This embeds learning, and is more likely to result in a sustainable change for the coachee.

The initial coaching session(s) includes the identification of specific goals;  provides an opportunity for the coach to understand how the coachee thinks, feels, and behaves in the areas of focus, and for the coachee to become familiar with the coaching process.

Subsequent sessions will be aimed at setting 'sub' or 'journey' goals to help the coachee to achieve the changes they require to reach their chosen end goals. Here the emphasis is more on action planning, and supporting the coachee to overcome any challenges, such as self limiting beliefs, that they may face in pursuit of their goals.

 In the final session(s), time will be spent identifying ways of sustaining the changes without the support of the coach, and will also include time to reflect on what the coachee has learnt from the process.

 Review and Feedback

Feedback is continually sought from the coachee to ensure that the coaching is right for them and that they are making the required progress.

Throughout the coaching, regular feedback sessions are also held with the sponsor to gain their perspective on the progress of the coachee. This is also an opportunity to add or modify objectives throughout the course of the coaching.

Confidentiality is key in any coaching relationship. The detail of what is discussed in the coaching sessions remains confidential between the coach and the coachee.The information shared in feedback sessions with the sponsor or manager is focused on whether the agreed aims and objectives are being met.



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