Adam has been instrumental in changing my mindset and in enabling me to understand that most challenges are simplified by stepping back and thinking differently. His skilful approach and gentle manner make sessions stimulating and worthwhile, and the results speak for themselves - an excellent investment.

PM - Bury St Edmunds 


Adam was my business coach over a 12 month period as I transitioned to a senior role within the marketing department. I was unfamiliar with the role of a coach and initially found it challenging to make the most of our coaching sessions. However after the second two hour face to face meeting with Adam it became clear that his was genuinely skilled at getting the best out of people.

Each coaching session commenced with a top line summary of what I wanted to get out of the time available and on every occasion Adam was able to draw out of me a clear structured path to help me achieve the particular goal.The overarching reason for having a business coach was to up skill me to a level  where a promotion was justified, something that I achieved thanks to Adam".

RE - Newbury

It's difficult to put my finger on the defining moment where coaching has had the most impact - but looking back to where I was and how confident I felt before coaching - I am now in a much better, positive place both at work and also at home.  I have Adam to thank for helping me think differently and take on challenges I would have avoided prior to coaching.  I am now looking forward to starting a promotion, which undoubtedly would not have come to effect if it wasn't for the time I have spent with Adam.  I am very thankful for this life changing process.

LS - Newmarket



Thank you for your consistently patient and constructive coaching.
Your guidance has been invaluable, helping me to disentangle my muddled approach and calm my angry thoughts towards my work.
Your input was crucial in getting me back on track in the workplace. You proved to be the coach I needed to show me the way back to constructive and positive problem solving, enabling me, once more to enjoy my work and face the challenges without feeling daunted and overwhelmed.
Work is now left in the workplace and respite again is achievable at home!!
Brilliant work.
Once more, thank you very much Adam"

 JM - Cambridge


 "I found the sessions with Adam encouraging and morale boosting. It has helped both my work and personal life and enabled me to bring a balance back. A lot of the techniques will continue to be useful to me as I can apply them in other situations that may arise. I would recommend it to others particularly when they are at a crossroads in their life"

 GM - Thetford


"Within 6 months of working with Adam I had adapted my way of thinking and my approach. The change I noticed in myself was evident and the results followed"

 NS - Cambridge


"Adam encouraged me to expand my thinking in terms of the options available to me to achieve my goals and this has led to accelerating their accomplishment.
Adam's style of coaching has really enabled me to feel that I am in control of my goal and the actions to achieve it, there is no "telling" or offering solutions, it's up to me."

 JW - Newbury


"Adam coached me over a period of 4 months whilst I was training for my first half marathon. Adam was extremely supportive and totally behind me from start to finish. He was very encouraging all the way through and had every faith that I would complete all the necessary training and complete the race on the day.
Thanks to Adam's coaching I managed to stick to a regular training schedule over four months which would have been much more difficult (if not impossible) without his support. He also helped me stay motivated and maintain a perspective about why I was running the race.
As I was raising money for charity as well there was a lot more work to do on top of the training and Adam helped me create a plan in order to be able to raise my target amount for the chosen charity. In the end, not only did I complete the race, in just over the time I was hoping for, I also raised 160% of the amount I was aiming for!"

 DB - Cambridge


I was lucky enough to have Adam coach me for a period of time.
He was a great support with some important career decisions and was a great inspiration of how to be a great coach. Adam has a lovely telephone voice, and I found our coaching sessions very calming to my harassed spirit!  I can highly recommend him."

 AP -  Newport


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